Wild West Beef Jerky FAQs

You can find a variety of beef jerky brands and flavors for purchase right here on our website or you can visit one of our retailers: 

  • Bronco Billy’s Beef Jerky: Sold at Stoney Point Farm Markets, Rutters Convenience Stores, WaWa, Sheetz, select Giant Eagle locations, Shop and Save, Highs Convenience stores, Weis, Redner’s Markets, Giant, Amazon, and 24/7 online at www.broncobillybeefjerkys.com.
  • Calamity Jane Beef Jerky: Sold in Sheetz, small retailers.
  • Wild Joe’s Beef Jerky: Slab jerky not currently available in stores yet.
  • Stoney Point Premium: Premium line not sold in stores.
  • Lonestar Beef Jerky: In Rutters and other store locations.
  • Texas Roadhouse: Coming Soon!
  1. Products and materials are received into the establishment. Tracking lot codes are designated for each ingredient to ensure full traceability of all ingredients that go into the product. 
  2. Meat is then sliced to customer spec using one of our 4 different slicing machines. 
  3. The marinade is created, and the master document for traceability is completed with all ingredients labeled with lot codes on this document. 
  4. The product is then placed into a giant vacuum tumbler machine, which helps draw our marines into the product within a 20-minute. 
  5. After the marination process, meat is usually stored for 12 to 16 hrs in our coolers to help ensure that the marination is uniform throughout all products. 
  6. After this step, the hanging process occurs. The product is placed on screens or rods and hung onto large smokehouse carts for cooking. 
  7. Our master smokehouse manager then places carts within one of our 5 large smokehouses for cooking and drying. 
  8. During this time, our Master Smokehouse manager watches the temperatures and humidity within the smokehouse to ensure proper lethality has been met and proper yields are maintained. 
  9. After drying the product for around 4 hrs total drying, the product is removed from our smokehouse room and brought into our Ready to Eat processing room. 
  10. The first step after drying is to remove the product from the smokehouse carts and process them into the desired shape and size for the customer. 
  11. After size and shape have been created, the product continues to the next stage of packaging in our second Ready To Eat room, where the product is then separated into lines and packaged into its designated bags for each customer. 
  12. After the product has been packaged, it is transported to our second location at 126 East King Street to be labeled and skidded for shipment. 
  13. Finally, our head of QA, Josh Lombard, reviews all documents associated with the production run. This entails reviewing all cleaning, label, and document controls stuck in place to ensure that the product meets all USDA and internal guidelines. Josh then signs off on the product to be released to the customer. 
  14. Head of Transportation, Doug Storm then takes the reins, schedules all pick-ups for products, and helps coordinate all deliveries. 
  15. Our delicious jerky products arrive at your front door!

Premium Beef, both all natural and grass fed beef are used depending on customer request. We use Top Rounds, Bottom Round Flats and Eye of Round as cuts for our products. 

We also use…

  • Chicken Breast /  all natural. 
  • Turkey Breast/ All Natural. 
  • Pork / all natural 
  • Bison / all natural. 
  • Red deer / all natural.

If any product is found to not be satisfactory please contact us directly at 717-359-5524 for a quick return of product replacement. You can also email direct to contact@broncobillybeefjerky.com

Reach out to our team. We’d love to help! graceSnyder@stoneypointjerky.com

Stoney Point Premium Snacks takes the following precautions to ensure food safety in our products…

  1. All products are under USDA HACCP control at all points during the process. 
  2. Full traceability program is in place and full SQF level 3 procedures are also established to maintain control of all programs. 
  3. Product is always stored in our coolers that are 40 degrees or below when not in process. 
  4. Product is then cooked to a min. temperature of 165 degrees for an instantaneous lethality step meaning no germs or bacteria can live at that temperature. 
  5. Product is also placed in a modified atmosphere bag to ensure no oxygen is present that could result in spoiled product. 
  6. Stoney Point also does a very strict testing on products monthly and facility to ensure all products are produced in the highest safety standard procedures. 

For any additional questions regarding food safety, contact our team directly at GraceSnyder@stoneypointjerky.com.

Although not necessary, refrigerating your jerky after opening will help to ensure the product lasts longer. Proper storage of product, especially after a package has been opened is necessary to increase shelf life.

Please allow 3-7 business days for your beef jerky to arrive via FedEx Ground.

Our beef jerky contains high amounts of protein per serving, with minimal fat and carbohydrates. Check out, “Is Beef Jerky Healthy for You?” to learn more!

Many of our jerky flavors are gluten-free, but our Teriyaki flavor contains soy sauce, which may contain gluten. We recommend double-checking the ingredient list on our packaging if you have a gluten allergy or sensitivity.

Our beef jerky has a shelf life of up to six months if kept in a cool, dry place. However, we recommend consuming it within three months of purchase to ensure maximum freshness and flavor.

Wild West Beef Jerky is made at Stoney Point Premium Snacks, the home of Bronco Billy’s Beef Jerky, proudly manufactured in Littlestown, Pennsylvania.